I was recently invited to volunteer at Pattonsburg High School to help with a REALL Simulation.

REALL stands for Reality Enrichment and Life Lessons. Juniors and Seniors participated and were challenged to think critically about how choices and decisions may have consequences in adulthood.… Read More

The Pattonsburg R-II School District recently took the initiative to get two of their educators certified by the state to teach our future hunters the importance of hunter safety.

With the constant push from gun control advocates to take away these kids’ opportunity to learn how to safely and ethically use a firearm to pursue game, we were incredibly thrilled to find out that our local school became certified to teach hunter education!… Read More

When Sig Sauer released the P365, they did so with the intent that the pistol was to be carried as an everyday carry firearm. Hence the 365 in the name! The 365X is going to take that a step further with some upgrades that I’m sure everybody’s gonna love, and I personally find very beneficial.… Read More

October isn’t just good for pre-rut whitetail bucks and crisp morning hunts – it’s also a great time for kids dressed up as their favorite characters knocking on doors to score a sugar rush. On October 29th, the Pattonsburg Elementary School brought all the kids up to the business district to trick-or-treat the local businesses.… Read More