DACK Goes Trick AND Treating

October isn’t just good for pre-rut whitetail bucks and crisp morning hunts – it’s also a great time for kids dressed up as their favorite characters knocking on doors to score a sugar rush. On October 29th, the Pattonsburg Elementary School brought all the kids up to the business district to trick-or-treat the local businesses.

DACK employees Marquitta and Ashten were present to pass out sugar to all the little ghouls while I sat patiently in a tree stand with the expectation that this particular day was primetime for buck movement.

Boy, was I ever wrong. I made the mistake of sitting in a stand that I had setup in a bean field bottom that had just received 3 days’ worth of solid rain. To put it mildly, it was a swamp and the deer seemed to not dig the mud at all.

The nearby creek that is usually dry and used as a crossing point for deer was roaring like the Missouri River. I watched as deer diligently grazed the high areas around me. At the end of the day, I had been more tricked than treated.

During my walk out of that stand, I caught a glimpse of several deer at my other adjacent stand (on higher ground). Lesson here? Don’t hunt your favorite stand spot just because it’s your favorite stand spot – hunt it because the conditions are right for it.

Back at DACK headquarters, Marquitta and Ashten did all the treating and avoided any tricks. We’re so incredibly happy to have been able to take part in helping the local kids get a big loot of candy – trophy whitetail or not!