Sig Sauer P365X – Is It Worth The Upgrade?

When Sig Sauer released the P365, they did so with the intent that the pistol was to be carried as an everyday carry firearm. Hence the 365 in the name! The 365X is going to take that a step further with some upgrades that I’m sure everybody’s gonna love, and I personally find very beneficial.

The P365X is a 9MM cartridge, and is a micro-compact, just like the original P365. The biggest standout feature is gonna be a little bit bigger eyes, uh, but not much. The standout feature here is a 12 round capacity versus the 10 round capacity of the original P365. So they’re very similar, but they also have a lot of noteworthy differences.

One of the similarities is you’re still gonna get a 3.1 inch barrel. So very compact. The 3.1 inch barrel is the same as it is on the standard P365. Sig Sauer does list this as being 17.8 ounces on their website, which is actually the same as what they list for the standard P365 at 17.8 ounces. We measured them on one of our scales and the standard P365 actually came in at 18.5 ounces, whereas the 365X was 18.7 ounces. So relatively the same, considering that you get a couple extra rounds of carry.

The width is going to be 1.1 inches, virtually the same as the standard P365. It fits well in an IWB. One of the first big differences that you’ll notice about the 365X over the standard 365 is going to be the height. The P365X comes in at 4.8 inches, whereas the P365 is 4.3 inches. So you’re getting a little bit more height, especially on the grid grip module. That’s what’s going to give you the extra two rounds of carry capacity.

Another similarity that you’re gonna have from the P365X is going to be a 4.9 inch site radius. That’s the exact same as it is on the standard P365, and this does come with the Sig Sauer X-Ray 3 sights.

One of the biggest feature upgrades, and it doesn’t seem like a big deal until you go to either draw this or while you’re shooting, is the length. If you set the P365X and the standard P365 side by side, you’ll notice that from the back of the slide to the front of the slide it’s same thing. However, where it gets a little bit different is with the extended beaver tail, and that’s built to the grip module. It’s something that I felt that was lacking on the standard P365 and is a welcome change on the P365X.

With more grip area, I felt this pistol really handled a little bit better than the standard P365, mainly due to the extra grip area. As far as your holsters and everything you’re concerned, if you’re upgrading from the standard P365 to the P365X, nothing should be a lot different and compatibility should remain intact.

The optic cut is a welcome upgrade over the standard P365 and is going to be compatible with Sig Sauer’s Romeo Zero or other similar micro red dots. So for those of you that want to put a red dot on you don’t have to go get a slide cut. You don’t have to get aftermarket slide for a P365 or anything like that. This comes with it.

Another notable upgrade over the standard P365 is the flat trigger and they are absolutely amazing. I’ve got quite a bit of range time in with this now, and I’ve had a lot of range time with the standard P365 that I carried prior to upgrading to this. And I can tell you that the flat trigger for me personally resets better.

Another one of my favorite upgrades with this P365 is going to be the actual magazine well. When they extended this grip module down just a little bit to add not only to the two extra rounds of carry capacity, but a little bigger purchase area for your hand, they were also able to take away the cut that was on the original P365 that I actually found to sometimes be a little difficult with reloads. With the 365X, they’ve done away with that cut, and they’ve been able to flare that magazine well out just a little bit more, and that does allow for a little bit better reloads under stress.

I think at some point, with all the manufacturers being so competitive with their features right now, I think it’s really gonna boil down to what you like. So don’t take everything that I say or the guy next to you says. I can tell you it’s reliable. I can tell you in my experience, I’ve owned a lot of Sig Sauer’s and every time they put their name on something, I’ve never had issues with it. I put a lot of lead down range with this in the past week or two with no issues.

Is it worth the price? Right now this is going for about 600 bucks or just below. Absolutely! If it weren’t for the slide cut for the optics ready system, the flat trigger, maybe not – but it’s perfect for who it was designed for and priced fairly. It’s my new everyday carry and I feel the value is definitely there.

Thanks for stopping by, and until next time – God bless and happy shooting!