DACK Outdoors Gives Future Hunters a Sugar Rush

The Pattonsburg R-II School District recently took the initiative to get two of their educators certified by the state to teach our future hunters the importance of hunter safety.

With the constant push from gun control advocates to take away these kids’ opportunity to learn how to safely and ethically use a firearm to pursue game, we were incredibly thrilled to find out that our local school became certified to teach hunter education!

Educators Greg Hale and Rod Walker are the educators providing the course, and they recently had eleven 8th graders take it.

That is 11 more educated youth that now have a great start at learning the importance of ethical hunting and firearms safety. These young men and women now have the ability to continue learning by enjoying the great outdoors and getting the satisfying feeling of being able to provide food for themselves as they progress through their hunting careers.

We were so thrilled for the school and these 8th graders that we sent some refreshments for them to enjoy during the course! Thank you to the school for allowing us to do this and good luck to all of the students who took the course.

Hopefully more young men and women will join the course in the future so they too can see how rewarding it can be to be a responsible firearm owner/hunter.