DACK Goes Back To School

I was recently invited to volunteer at Pattonsburg High School to help with a REALL Simulation.

REALL stands for Reality Enrichment and Life Lessons. Juniors and Seniors participated and were challenged to think critically about how choices and decisions may have consequences in adulthood.

There were several stations that the students had to interact with over a simulated 4 week timeline and someone decided I should work the daycare station. I could tell these young men and women were pretty perplexed at first (as was I), but as each simulated week ran the course, they grew more confident and competent.

There is no doubt that once our youth graduate and move on into adulthood, so many things are thrown at them at once. And it never stops! I’m so happy to live in a community where the school takes initiative to do things like this. I was honored to be a volunteer!